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#Free #KindleRead

Let me just add too that my baby is almost a year old, I am so happy to everyone who supported me on this #new #authors journey... To me there are times my writings just isn't where I want it to be, but then I'm reminded, it is about what you feel, how much soul… Continue reading #Free #KindleRead

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To My Unborn Child (Fictional write)

Maybe if you spoke to me, I would have kept you to breathe the same air I breathe. But my life, and how you became to be apart of my story was more than my soul could bear... Yes, I became scared. I was more obsessed, that my world was stolen in just one blink,… Continue reading To My Unborn Child (Fictional write)



Allow me please, To sleepy slumber my days away, For I feel alive in dreamland Like Alice in Wonderland When she slipped through the hole; Wasn't she able to free her soul?! Allow please, Depression to take over me And tears to flow slowly from My eyes as the rivers do, Because this is how… Continue reading Sleep

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Easter’s Gift

This morning I got word that you, my dear friend of so many years died in a crash, it broke my heart, for it brought to mind others we have all lost... Mostly this time of year, as if, Easter comes with its own demon of death, but instead of cleaning out the wicked, it… Continue reading Easter’s Gift

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I'm the Queen by his side, as he is King by mine, Royalty, As we rule over each other's body's with love and great admiration We love, with no limitations except , that we keep our love just between the two of us; Between him and I, yes to be a loyal wife as he… Continue reading Royalty